Congrats, it looks amazing. Wordpress Web Design. Hover styles are not displayed correctly on the buttons (tested in two sites). I have a custom twitter share button that is in the bottom right of my page. The ET/Divi team is amazeballs! In my case its a call to action button, “Call Now” that changes to the phone number when rolled over. – separation of builder from theme: It is not considered good practice to include plugin stuff in a theme, and it would be nice to be able to use the Divi theme without the builder, so I think the Divi theme should be completely separated from the builder. Would be nice if it could be done automagically with Divi. One of these will be the next feature released, but which one? Introducing The Most Comprehensive Sticky System In Any WordPress Page Builder But wait, we’ve added even more features and customizations too! This makes me so happy. Oh man…They’re killing the backend builder slowly but surely. The Divi Black Friday 2020 Sale Starts Now! Now it’s much easier to see how your website will look on different... Posted on August 26, 2020 by Nick Roach in Theme Releases. Omg.. the number of plugins i have bought just for this.. thank you ET! Thanks!! Join Today For 10% OFF! The code is below and can be placed in a text file and the extension can be renamed to ‘.json’. With Divi… It also bothers me that making a module act as a link does not actually change the HTML to use an anchor tag instead of a div, and instead uses JS events to apply the link. Thanks Elegant Themes! I know I used hover on button out of box with Divi a year ago, but I do not see it anymore. curiously my visual builder gives a plugin error in all browsers/computers after applying this update and I had to disable JetPack. If you want add an icon over an image, there’s dozens of Divi icons and options. Harness the power of Divi with any WordPress theme. If you open a support ticket we will be happy to look into it for you. They are also looking for entertainment. S’funny. No doubt Gutenberg is the future of WP and we all know Divi isn’t the only game in town, but you are light years ahead of the game. When you hover over one row, only the image changes. Outstanding job guys outstanding. Hope you will lookinto this and work on old divi where speed was best .Old divi had enough features and speed was preety good infact was best while I compared with more than 20 templates. I was waiting for this for a long time. Really nice UX! Thank you! This allows you to transform modules or even entire sections into dynamic and clickable buttons with bold and beautiful hover effects. How do we get mobile device users to see hover effects?. Tired of the same boring image modules in Divi? Simply click the hover icon above the design option that you would like to customize to enable the Hover Options interface. If anything would be worthy of a major version increase, it would be that feature (ignoring SemVer standards, which Divi probably does not follow). If you do want to use this on a row…. Hello Nick, On one domain, I see the hover effect option, on the other, I don’t !! These features take the place of a couple of plugins I’ve been using. – WooCommerce Modules How to Optimize Divi Images Accurately. I used a h3 title. Furthermore, it helps you add subtle interaction to pages. Love the new hover addition, thanks! You can use hover editing on any of the box shadow settings. Laptop sales isn’t slowing down anytime soon and the screen sizes for smartphones are only getting bigger. If you would like to learn more about CSS effects and properties please continue to follow our journal or get in touch with us! Unrelated to this one of the biggest pains with Divi is when using global blocks if editing in a page there is no way of knowing which global block it is. Place here an image (this one is visible on non-hover), Note: for the best effect make all the images the same size. I am the founder and CEO here at Elegant Themes. For instructions on creating the overlay, and adding the content shortcode to your page, please refer to the getting started tutorial and video. I do see the transition dialog. While not sold on Gutenberg (there is a lot it leaves out -> stuff your dev friends need) I am guessing that it will perform well on the front end. FINALLY!!! Some of us are using the classic builder to set up pages and by removing hover options from it we are now forced to do the same work… twice. Our opinions are our own, and in no way are influenced by an affiliate commission. For better loading speed compress the images, you can follow my tutorial best divi image sizes on how to do that. If you use one of our affilite links below, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Kidding. You save already the name when you save a module why does then not automatically be used as Admin name ;-). Also check out: Image Overlay Slide, Image Overlay Zoom, Image Overlay Title and Image Overlay Icon. As I said before, you guys are awesome!!!!!! Every transition-able option in Divi now supports hover editing, allowing you to transform Divi modules into fun and interactive elements. Am I wrong ? Support says its been on bug list for a year. And I have the latest versions of Divi, so not sure what is happening here. I tried a fresh install of Divi and that didn’t help. First fix your global modules that keep reverting back to previous versions instead of keeping the most recent changes. All of the most likely updates are exciting ones, so I am definitely looking forward to the next update! Our hover option interface is unique and amazingly easy to use. Awesome! Is this the plan ? I understand you but hover options on mobile.. Thank you very much and keep up the great work :). Mountain Covered with Snow. Here's a Divi tutorial on how to get text over images in two simple steps! Divi is the best damn design tool for WordPress…period. Here’s the point of consideration we must all make. I’ve tested it in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Seriously. 2. So, using portfolios and projects – just to show the title on mobile requires a jag of CSS. But there are options not available. This. Every Divi feature update these days is sneak-peaked first. But we will start with building the section, row and modules first. But seriously, this is great. Nice feature, we will experiment on that and hopefully will allow us to avoid many customization written directly into CSS and use Divi built-in editor instead. I think we will all agree that it is much more urgent the launch of the theme builder and dynamic content, because today is a handicap that Divi has against the web builders of competitors. How to get this effect? The image module hover effect tutorial has been far & away the most popular post on Note: We find and review products to help you make better decisions when buying the things you need. there are many possibilities I just tested the latest Divi build with Jetpack enabled and it was working fine. Again. ? Hi , I am using your theme for my junk removal from charlotte NC service very nice theme, Perfectly working Keep it up , Probably one, if not the best update so far! You’re not charging enough. Thank You for the update. The following CSS program shows how to impliment Opacity on an Image while mouse hover. Cheers! There should be a way just like Theme Options and Customization Settings to to export all pages without have to save them to the library OR for the pre existing pages (just like loading a saved layout) will be available in the Divi Library to be exported. More users surf on mobile now than desktop. As a designer, it kills me to see the phone taking over in usage. SHWING.Top stuff guys, you just dumped the competition and knocked it outta the ball park. Today we are excited to introduce Divi Sticky Options, a brand new feature that allows you to stick any element to the top or bottom of the browser viewport as you... Posted on July 30, 2020 by Nick Roach in Theme Releases. That means I have no way of seeing an accurate representation of the true look and spacing of my website while in the visual builder. Of course, it’s awesome, but as Arby pointed out above iOS doesn’t support hover. what am I doing wrong? ), there is very little focus on how to make our sites attractive to both space and time users. Preview Your Designs On Different Devices And Customize View Modes. Is there any way to get text to show ONLY when hovering over an image? Sorry. Most settings in the Design tab will have it, although not everything is transition-able. It’s very frustrating as a designer to have to stop and go find the right code and then hope I’ve added it to the right section of the css options. This is of course well known. Jul 3, 2017 . Please update the hover effects to make it easy for this option. One feature missing from the Divi Theme which can be found in some other themes is the ability to have a full-width image displayed right at the top of the page, above the main header bar. Codrops is an excellent site full of “Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds.” I adapted one of their “Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects” for a site I’m working on and thought I’d share the results here. I can’t wait to play with it! Good job, guys, but I want to see real improvements on EXTRA’s Category Builder, and a better integration with Divi Builder. Seeing some interesting layouts solutions in the form of Caxton and Kadence Blocks appearing on the Gutenberg scene. And now, i’m waiting Dynamic field and theme builder features… . Folks who use screens vs monitors value words, speed, and action-oriented data points. Fantastic Update! What I REALLY LIKE about DIVI, is the ability to serve up separate sections for a mobile device, so the site looks similar, but can operate without effects. To add the image above the header in Divi Booster, do the following: Thank you! These images may have same height and width. Thanks for your work! Our whole team will be on vacation next week for our yearly retreat. You got a strong team, making a great builder for the world. FOR Example – Apple seems to love to showcase the latest in web technology, for example the new iPhoneXS site (, moveable content, but the site operates differently on mobile vs desktop, but still looks amazing. I’ll double check my css but otherwise pretty amazing update. I made sure to apply the new update. Does anyone know any good video which explain how to activate this features. Why is it that we can’t have the HOVER options from the modify a page ? Which is totally possible with a few lines of custom css now that the hover state has been built in. Upgrade Your Account Today For 10% OFF! They may not be anywhere as nice to work with but they will get the job done. Is the Module Link feature already available? Currently, Divi does not integrate that well with the current WP widget system (unlike other builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor), and I hope Divi does a better job with Gutenberg blocks. It’s up each of as designers to take that reality into consideration when creating whatever it is we create. Nick – could you please show how that feature you have introduced here could be useful also for mobile devices like – phones, smartphones, tablets which in Asia are already 80% of devices used – desktop is out here (only used in offices). Thanks Everyone!!! But it’s true and will be. Download the GIF Background on Hover … Especially if you update it. What? Thanks guys, It’s amazing how easy new possibilities you open to us every time !! Right now Divi forces a lot of often unnecessary markup to be generated. Today we are incredibly excited to announce the release of Hover Options for Divi. Nearly every other page builder, especially Gutenberg (even though it is not technically a page builder yet) and Oxygen, have better base layout systems right now. 4 Laravel working fine but will vanished same way – Hover Options Am I missing something? Hover is made for a mouse cursor if you ask me. Let’s get started. Breakthrough but only aesthetic, we need a customizable header module and a menu with more options so that all our webs do not seem the same. I have DiviVersión: 3.16 This is great but, I’ve updated my theme yet still don’t see or get any hover options anywhere. The World's #1 WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder. This is cool, but in 2018 mobile devices have overtaken desktop. The bonus Module Link feature makes it way more powerful. I’m pretty sure you can make the text disappear with this update by simply setting it’s opacity to 0 until hover. First, custom CSS styling in my child theme stylesheet does not display reliably in the visual builder. Woo! Visual builder right now until the backend builder update comes out. Knowing how to change an image on hover can come in handy for any kind of website you’re working on. Thank you guys. Today we are excited to announce the new and improved responsive preview system for Divi. If there are old versions in previous posts/pages and you open older page, the global goes back very often. You can even enable hover editing on custom CSS options to unlock unlimited possibilities. Please, what I look forward to the most next is your “animate anything” you sneak-peeked a month or so ago…. The way things are going the backend builder will be obsolete. I can’t wait to start using this. Place here an image (this one is visible on non-hover), Column 3 Background: You guys keep knocking it out of the park, amazing. . I also notice that I (we) will have to wait for the Transform Options to get funnier visual fx. – WooCommerce Modules With over 600.000 downloads, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It would be better just to display the library name. It is also not possible to transfer all those settings to a new design automatically which you apply to a page. – Global Defaults It should be placed in between the two sections you want to blend. It is important to Elegant Themes realize that companies want to publish news with a presentation different from a blog and the EXTRA theme, is good to do this. Would it work to have one image as the background with the “real” image opacity set to 0% and then hover could change the opacity to 100%, showing the “sawped” image. We are not aware of any issues with the Button module in the Hover Options update. It’s a different viewing experience. I own 2 domains..and using the Divi theme (latest upgrade). Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great features coming your way. I defaulted them all and restored my custom buttons but now the hover transition is choppy and does not animate smoothly. It does not work with the standard Divi Builder, it only works the Visual one. Second, despite all of the wonderful functionality Nick and his team have been bringing to the visual builder, it’s still only faster and more efficient and building single pages. need to accept the dismal reality that the tiny screen real estate world of mobile is pretty much the only game in town. I understand that implementing these improvements take time, but you just have to read the comments to know that they are the most demanded by the Divi Lovers, and maybe it would be better to unify all efforts to make them come true as soon as possible, do not you think so? The Image swap would be a little different I think. I’m having the same problem eve though I’ve updated Divi. Amazing and powerful feature! Agreed! YEEEEEEEEES! Why are the features not available on the classic build? This allows you to adjust the transition timing, delay and speed curve that controls each hover animation. It is complete, easy to use and comes with more than 62 free templates. Otherwise ALL those settings are lost, where as adding CSS can be easily saved to a text document for Child Theme. I do not seem to be able to view the these features in the classic builder. Although it’s a very good add-on, you shouldn’t remove it from the classic builder and keep it only in visual builder. This last improvement is fantastic … but it is focused on the desktop browser environment. Nice but…WHAT ABOUT MENU HOVER OPTIONS (and current option!! Home; The $2.4m Podcast. Brizy, Elementor, and of course Gutenberg all have their free versions on GitHub, so contributing via issues and pull requests is relatively simple. When you hover over the module on the front end, it will smoothly transition from its standard design to your customized hover design. Tip: The :hover selector can be used on all elements, not only on links. Just in time for my personal website redesign. Wow, looks awesome! If you’re not sure what position absolute does, it positions the element to the top left corner of and relative to it’s nearest positioned ancestor. Layering images over one another is a great way to give an Image a new Look. One other thing I truly appreciate about ET/DIVI… They have been LISTENING and have been really turning out a great product that can be used very flexibly and easy. Tip: Use the :link selector to style links to unvisited pages, the :visited selector to style links to visited pages, and the :active selector to style the active link. Why in the “Customize Css” part some module refuse – all single settings have to be done multiple times as you not even can copy a style from one page to another or store a certain style in a longer styles list from where you could choose lateron your style for certain elements as Global Styles and functionality (needed for hover for example) are missing too but would be really useful to keep a CI throughout a complete website. Thanks guys . The roll over image is an image change when the mouse over to the image is happened and it is used to provide more interactive user experience. Now just give us Woocommerce Modules and you have a Customer for Life! If new features are ONLY added to the FEB and indeed removed from the BEB then users with 3rd party modules are kinda screwed. Magnifique!! I’ve tried. Go to your media library and click on the image you want to use for column 1 on hover. Thanks and all the best to Divi Team for bringing out many more feature additions to Divi in future. 1 License. SOME folks, usually the younger, are mostly interested in time. Using hover options, you can create all kinds of stunning hover effects and transform Divi modules into fun and interactive elements. In the below example, the roll over effect consists of two images which are alternatively displayed during mouse over and mouse out. WOW this is an awesome new feature, great work . ok…rolled back to previous version..all better. This design will help keep the design static upfront and then engage users whenever they interact with the content. Source Code Text Overlay on Image Hover. Now waiting for dynamic content update, please provide as soon possible. With Divi, there are many ways to add images to your page. Don’t get me wrong ! My buttons are also choppy and some other minor things have gone awry … again. And I’m not exagerating! Fantastic job guys. They did not include it as part of the backend builder environment. Thank you Nick and the design team I’ve been waiting for this for years my eyes got teary. Please help! For better loading speed compress the images, you can follow my tutorial best divi image sizes on how to do that. It’s kind of annoying as even the hover options which were already there are also gone like the one for the buttons. This is an amazing new feature. While these are amazing and surely long awaited features, what I now have a concern with is how do you backup and save all these settings without have to save each page as a template. Thank you for your support. Right now it looks like Dynamic Content is the most likely next update. Awesome Feature! Thanks for making it happen. waiting the dynamic content and the theme builder. Thank you! Listen On Site; itunes; Spotify; Pocket Casts; All Divi Tutorials. I love Divi and use it for all my sites but it has become normal for me to have my sites not working as they should (mostly visually) after an update. Yes! I feel you have much more control in that than in the visual builder and as of now it actually creates more work than save work… I usually do preview to watch the changes. Place the following code in Add code to the < head > of your blog. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. There is no mouse pointer. It would be really cool if Divi could do something similar, though I am not sure it would be done since Divi has no free version. Posted on November 12, 2020 by Nick Roach in Theme Releases. Well, I think we are far from this. Currently, it eats up a lot of space regardless of your viewport width and makes the editor harder to use on mobile. Try it Yourself » Example. It really slows down the work flow. Just wish you added hover effects to animations. very cool! In this first part lets add it just below the first section which I am using as a header section. This is great guys! I wonder if Theme Builder will end up being marketed as Divi 4.0. That feature is quite close to being ready actually, and will likely enter QA testing within the next week weeks. You’ll need to now add-in an image background (to both hovered and non-hovered states) and apply any gradients while you’re at it, and then you can also remove the borders if you don’t want that in there , A hint though, is that you’ll need to play around with the Design>Spacing to alter the header text’s height , {“context”:”et_builder_layouts”,”data”:{“29817”:{“ID”:29817,”post_date”:”2018-10-08 09:03:15″,”post_date_gmt”:”2018-10-08 14:03:15″,”post_content”:”[et_pb_row _builder_version=\”3.0.48\” background_size=\”initial\” background_position=\”top_left\” background_repeat=\”repeat\” template_type=\”row\”][et_pb_column type=\”1_2\” _builder_version=\”3.0.47\” parallax=\”off\” parallax_method=\”on\”][et_pb_blurb title=\”Testing Thing\” _builder_version=\”3.16.1\” header_font=\”||||||||\” header_text_color=\”#000000\” body_font=\”||||||||\” body_text_color=\”rgba(0,0,0,0)\” background_color=\”#99cc33\” border_radii=\”on|14px|14px|14px|14px\” border_style_all=\”dashed\” text_orientation=\”center\” custom_margin=\”||\” custom_padding=\”100px|30px|20px|30px\” background__hover_enabled=\”on\” background_color__hover=\”#548235\” body_text_color__hover_enabled=\”on\” body_text_color__hover=\”#000000\” border_width_all__hover_enabled=\”on\” border_width_all__hover=\”5px\” header_text_color__hover_enabled=\”on\” header_text_color__hover=\”#000000\” custom_padding__hover_enabled=\”on\” custom_padding__hover=\”60px||60px\”]For campaigns with small ($1,000 \u2013 $2,999) monthly ad spend budget. A new module is added to the Divi Builder, so there’s no need to copy and paste code. “Is there a visual composer element?”, “How easy is it to replicate elements?” and “Can we lock of certain modules/elements so clients won’t screw up?”. This is so awesome and a change game for Divi users. And if you don’t know what an “rollover image” is, it’s when a different image appears when the mouse hovers over it. It’s up to us to determine which one best fits our market. I don’t think adjusting opacity will allow for both. And I agree with mobile first concerns. It will bring divi designs to a new next level. Thanks for the ongoing new features. Whistles and bells like these hover functions are great, but the basics still have gaping holes. This is awesome, and something I have wanted to be able to do, and you have just gone way beyond what I was even hoping for! – overhauled layout system: I think rows and sections should simply be modules like everything else, and you should be able to insert a module directly into a page or into a section. Please. This is incredibly awesome! This is a feature long-awaited on Divi and it’s all smooth now. Column 2 Background: This is very nice, but how to speed up on mobile devices. We upgraded and boom, everything works flawlessly. Love it! niccccce work guys I watched the video, updated Divi… and see no sign of the hover tab as pictured in the video, either in regular editing or using the Visual Builder. Also, it should probably read “Use Divi Builder” so it can be a bit shorter. – Gutenberg editor styles support in the Divi theme: the recent 3.8 release of Gutenberg made it much easier for themes to style the Gutenberg editor to look like the front-end, and it would be really neat if the Divi theme utilized this to make the Gutenberg experience in the Divi theme more WYSIWYG. I’ve updated to the latest version of Divi. I have been trying to do this for a while and it was super complicated before this update but now it looks really easy! At line 4, 8 and 12 you can replace INSERT_IMAGE_URL_HERE with the images you just uploaded in step 1. image… You can do a lot of really interesting things on hover, such as transforming background colors, module positions, box shadows, text sizes and more. How can I take a picture, not in a wooden picture frame (base image) and do a roller over like above but when you roll over each of the individual frames that I use. You can then switch to the Hover tab to modify your hover design and to preview what your module will look like when hovered. Skip to the content. Beautiful! It doesn’t have to go directly over the image. In the case of the Divi Blurb, that’s the et_pb_content selector which has a … One request to Nick Roach (since you already have teased us in May) please bring the theme builder option asap. Loving. – New Divi Builder Experience But today we had this big presentation on how Gutenberg is going to transform our lives. Can you copy paste a complete style into the Hover options in one hit, Of course one can always prepend the library name but then can start to get too long. – New Divi Builder Experience – ability to insert Gutenberg blocks from Divi Builder UI: this would come naturally with the preceding suggestion, but just having the ability to insert Gutenberg blocks in the Divi Builder would be really nice.

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